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Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull Manitoba.JPG


The bull has the latest safety features that guarantees rider safety. There are two automatic shut off buttons, one on the control box for the operator and one on the bull body for the rider. There are also preset controls that allow the operator to choose the difficulty level of the ride. 


The head of the bull is made from soft rubber and the horns are stuffed with foam. 


If the rider falls, there is a 16 foot inflatable air mattress to cushion the fall. The air mattress also has high walls so the rider won't fall off the mat.

   Design and Construction

Our bull is manufactured in the United States with all parts domestically sourced. This ensures the bull is made with the highest quality materials. 


The bull body is made from durable fiberglass with a real bull hide covering the shell and eyes that light up! 




Our bull is fully insured! Event organizers can rest assured that the patrons will be protected under insurance. 

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